Historical Periods in Music

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Historical periods in music
Middle Ages (400-1450)
Renaissance (1450 – 1600)
Baroque (1600-1750)
Classical (1750-1825)
Romantic (1825-1900)
20th and 21st centuries (1900-)

Middle Ages
Period between the fall of Rome and the cultural flowering of the Renaissance, along with the discovery of the American continent •The end of this era coincides with Gutenberg’s invention of the movable-type print •It was the transition period from classical greco-roman culture to theocentric Christianity and Islam •Art served mainly as an offering to god, the saints and the dead, in order to gain indulgence. It also mediated between the earthly and the divine. •It was trough art that the church revealed its earthly and divine power •Monophony was the principal texture for music of this period until polyphony was developed by the end of the era Different chants from the sacred text

HAEC DIES (on this day)
1.Gregorian chant: this particular chant is responsorial, where a soloist and a choir alternate in a manner of call and response 2.Organum: First type of pholyphony. The new over the old: faster line (voice) over a slow Gregorian chant, which is mostly undistinguishable and symbolic 3.Motet: politextual vocal composition (polyphonic). The instrumental line is based on the original gregorian chant Syllabe singing: when you have a note for every syllable

Mellismatic singing: Many notes per syllable

The Renaissance (1450-1600)
It was the next phase in a cultural process that, under the leadership of the church, universities and princely courts, had long been under way •This era marks the passing of European society from an orientation to a more secular one, and from an age of unquestioning faith to one of belief in reason and scientific inquiry. The focus of human destiny was seen to be life on earth rather tan the here after •People began to rely more on the evidence of the senses. This awakening found its symbol in the...
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