Historical Movie Review: Troy

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Historical Movie Review: Troy
The film Troy was directed by Wolfgang Peterson and produced in 2004. The film was adapted by Homers great epic poem, The Iliad. The characters from The Iliad were portrayed by many well-known actors including, Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom, and Eric Bana. Overall the movie was very entertaining but also contained many small errors and some historical inaccuracies.

Troy retells the story of a war started by the Greek gods. Although the movie focuses more on the war and not so much on the Greek gods we still know why the war is started. The movie takes place in 1250 B.C.E. during the Bronze Age. After Paris, a Trojan prince, convinces Helen, the Queen of Sparta, to leave her husband Menelaus and come back with him to Troy a war is started. When Menelaus finds out his wife has been taken by Trojans he asks his brother Agamemnon to help him get his wife back. Agamemnon wants power so he decides to help his brother. They take 1,000 ships and 50,000 Greeks to Troy to complete their task. With Achilles’’ help the Greeks are able to fight the Trojans that have not once been conquered. But they are stopped by Hector who is the Prince of Troy and the conflicts begin.

One of the overall errors the movie had was the costumes. The equipments the Greeks are shown having such as the large round shields and Achilles’ helmet are from the Classical period. They used costumes from the 5-4th centuries BC. The time period when the epic poem was set is earlier and in that time period the Greeks used small bowl-shaped helmets and light leather shields in the shape of the number eight. Also the umbrella used to shelter Paris and Helen during the parade in troy is modern, and we know this because of the metal spokes that were probably not invented yet. The necklaces worn by the actors have modern clasps and the women’s earrings have French hooks that most Bronze Age jewelry didn’t have. Later on when King Priam is showing Paris the sword of Troy we see a close-up view of the blade and it looks like steel or polished iron like a lot of the weapons in the movie. But in the Trojan War we are still in the Bronze Age and iron weapons wouldn’t have been available yet. There were other mistakes the directors made such as the change of hair style for Helen when she is going back to the ships. Then when Patroclus fights Hector in Achilles’ armor, Hector stabs him in the chest which would leave a wound but when Achilles goes to fight Hector in the same armor no marks are see.

Along with the errors of costumes there are errors in geography and the setting of the movie. In the scene where the Achaean fleet is seen villagers from the countryside begin to come into the city. Among the animals being lead there are llamas. It is geographically incorrect because llamas are from South America and they did not exist in Troy. More than once the sun is seen rising over the sea but that is not accurate because the sun rises in the east and the sea around Troy is in the north and west. Then the boy who is sent to find Achilles refers to Boagrius as the Thessalonian because he is from Thessaly but Thessalonians are people from the Greek city of Thessalonika which was settled 1000 years after the battle of Troy. Therefore the boy shouldn’t have known or used the term Thessalonians.

There are many historical events that the film Troy captures. It is amazing how many scenes the director got right but there are also many historical inaccuracies in the movie. When the Greek leaders are lining up to offer gifts to Agamemnon, one of them is carrying a red-figured vase. Red-figure pottery which was made of red clay with a black glaze was not made until the 5th century which was later. Then iron weapons were first used by the Philistines around 11000 BC which was a couple of years after the Trojan War making it impossible for the Trojans to have used this type of “new technology” in the war....

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