Historical Laws and Security

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Historical Laws and Security
Write a brief description in your own words of the following laws, including where and when each law originated: The Code of Hammurabi
The Babylonian Code of Hammurabi (1750 B.C.) was established by King Hammurabi and discovered almost intact in 1901. Draco’s law
Draco’s Law (621 B.C.) is named for the Greek citizen who was chosen to write a code of law for Athens. Law of the Twelve Tables
The Law of the Twelve Tables (450 B.C.) originally included 10 laws. Two statutes were added later.23 Ten Roman men were given wide powers to write the laws that were to govern Romans. These laws are considered to form the foundation of modern public and private law. Justinian Code

Justinian Code (A.D. 529) provides another example of early codified law. Justinian, Emperor of Byzantium, is best remembered for his codification of Roman law in a series of books called Corpus Juris Civilis. Legal maxims still in use today are derived from Justinian Code. Magna Carta

The high point of the Middle Ages for security professionals, anyway occurred under King John (1199–1216), with the creation of the Magna Carta (1215). The Magna Carta established English “due process.” Statute of Westminster

England produced the next significant contribution to the system of law enforcement in developing the Statute of Westminster (1285). King Edward involved citizens in crime prevention and apprehension. The Statute of Westminster established three practical measures focusing on the security of affected citizens: (1) the watch and ward, (2) the hue and cry, and (3) the assize of arms
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