Historical Laws and Security 4.1

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Historical Laws and Security

Historical Laws and Security

What is The Code of Hammurabi, Draco’s law, Law of the Twelve Tables, Justinian Code, Magna Carta and the Statute of Westminster? How have these laws led to the historical development of security forces, both private and public? Why do you think the need for both private and public security still exists?

The Code of Hammurabi was created by King Hammurabi around 1750 B.C. Although it is not the first legal code, it is believed to be derived from the earlier Sumerian code of Iraq. The Code includes 282 laws; many of the laws remain intact. Today’s society would be shocked by the barbaric methods in the punishment by the laws, such as the one which prescribes death for robbers, but the Code of Hammurabi also set a precedent for presuming innocence, and for the presentation of evidence in legal trials.

The Draco’s Law was written for Greece around 621 B.C. and was created by a citizen who was requested to construct a code of laws. The law states that it is not the private citizens but the states that are responsible for the punishment of wrongdoers.

The Law of the Twelve Tables was established in Rome around 450 B.C. and consisted of ten original laws. Ten Roman men were given complete control over the organization of writing the laws, these laws allowed the victims to claim retribution from the offender.

The Justinian Code was created in 529 A.D by Justinian, Emperor of Byzantium, who wrote the law books “Corpus Juris Civilis” which is the foundation of the United States civil law.

The Magna Carta was developed during the reign of King John of England (1191-1216), which became the leading steps towards Due Process. There were 61 articles, the 39th is considered the most crucial as it states “No free man shall be taking capture or imprisoned, except by peers of the community and the law of the land.”

King Edward of England put into effect Statute of Westminster which is the use of...
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