Historical Laws and Security

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Historical Laws and Security
Christina Najar
Jenelle Velarde

Historical Laws and Security
The Code of Hammurabi- King Hammurabi, first ruler of the Babylonian empire was originated sometime in 1750 B.C. Hammurabi believed in an “eye for an eye.” People view the punishments to be barbaric. There were 282 clauses which included commerce, slavery, marriage theft and debt (Clifford, 2004).

Draco’s Law- Established in 621 B.C. by a Greek citizen that wrote a code of law for Athens. Draco’s laws were harsh and death was a common sentence for many offenses. The state not the citizens are responsible for punishing people accused of crime (Clifford, 2004).

The Law of the Twelve Tables- Established in 450 B.C. by the Romans. Ten men were selected and appointed to create laws to govern the Romans. There are a total of 10 laws and two statutes were added, they helped to organize the prosecution of crimes and to protect the lower class from the legal abuses of the ruling class (Clifford, 2004).

Justinian Code- Established in 529 A.D. by the Emperor of Byzantium, Justinian. Inspired the modern concept of justice and legal maxims are still in use today and formed the foundations of civil law that govern modern western civilization (Clifford, 2004).

Magna Carta- Established in 1199-1216 occurred under King John in England. The Magna Carta had 61 clauses, the 39th clause being the most important states that “No freeman shall be captured or imprisoned except by lawful judgment of his peers or by the law of the land and due process became one of the foundation for the modern United States justice system (Clifford, 2004).

Statute of Westminster- Established in 1285, England. Development of law enforcement and King Edward involved citizens in crime prevention and apprehension. Established three practical measures one being the watch and ward, two being the hue and cry and three being the assize of arms (Clifford, 2004).

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