Historical Antecedents, Their Effects on Education from the Philosophical Points of View

Topics: Meaning of life, Philosophy, Philosophy of education Pages: 4 (1076 words) Published: January 2, 2013
Graduate School of Arts, Sciences and Education
Course Title: Foundations of Education
Topic : Historical antecedents, their effects on education from the philosophical points
of view
Discussant: Rosalyn A. dela Cruz
Professor: Dr. Ceferina M.P. Taringting
Date : July

The Place of Philosophy in Educatiuon
Education is an offshoot of philosophy and psychology .The true function of philosophy is to give an individual a critical outlook upon life’s real values and upon human conduct. Philosophy has also for its purpose the analysis and clarification of human actions and aims, problems and ideals. It is a dynamic enterprise that aims to change the world in the direction of these ends and values. It is relative to the task of integrating human conduct with worked- out scale of values, supremely worthwhile and desirable. To make education is an attempt to formulate a critically-built general outlook upon life in the light of thr evaluation of values which people prize in the educative process. The philosophy of education is like a clearing house where relative values in education and the relative validity of different claims on the schools are weighted. Any philosophy must be based upon and supported by the general philosophy of life for this brings clarity and meaning into the careers of individuals, nations, and civilization. •Philosophy and Education with Reference to the Philippines Philosophy is sometimes considered as a group of theories or system of thoughts by which it is sought to understand the world, its meaning and its values. Its field is broad and inclusive. J. A. Leighton says that “ a complete philosophy includes a world view, or doctrine of values, meanings, and purpose of human life..” E.S. Ames, “ it is the endeavor to achieve a comprehensive view of life and its meaning, upon the basis of the results of various sciences.” These definitions will give us a clear idea that...
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