Historic Progression of Photo Manipulation

Topics: Photography, Computer-aided design, Painting Pages: 1 (389 words) Published: May 13, 2013
Progression Of Photo Manipulation:
Photo manipulation started before computers back in the 19th century. Photo manipulation is used to deceive and create an surreal or realistic illusion for the person viewing the photo, manipulation can be as simple as a colour change or something more exciting where an artist would add in another image or draw over the original to create the illusion. Before computers were around people would use ink, paint, double exposure, photo piecing, scratching Polaroids and even air brushing; where people would use a device that would spray compressed air through a venturi onto an image which would create suction that would allow paint to be pulled from an image and then used to blend it by dropping tiny paint droplets on to an image to blend two colours. These airbrushes ranged in pressures depending on the image size some where as low as 20 psi and other as much as 100 psi; these would be used for such things as car spraying where as the lower pressured ones would be used for such things as water colour paintings and other artist purposes. In early 20th/late 19th century images were being made more appealing, for example a famous portrait of Abraham Lincoln was a photo manipulation where the artist took the portrait of Abraham and the portrait of the Southern politician, John Calhourn's and used the photo piecing and cut out method to manipulate Abraham's head over John's body. Photo manipulation was mainly used for such things as family photos where someone from the family wouldn't be able to attend the photo shoot, as these novelties where only available to the rich but being rich meant they didn't have much free time due to work, so artists would take the family portrait and add in the missing family member from a cut out of another image and have it re-photographed in a composite image bringing in the missing family member to the image. This technique was also used in such things as war photos to make images more heroic and such....
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