Historic and Modern Examples of Bullying

Topics: Nazi Germany, Bullying, World War II, Nazism, Adolf Hitler, Abuse / Pages: 2 (421 words) / Published: Sep 9th, 2013
History is full of bullies and bullying. Since the earliest of times people have been bullied, and a chain reaction has been caused, leading to its spread throughout society. Violence has been all throughout history, and violence is a form of bullying. As much violence as there is, it doesn’t stop.

The Jewish people, for example, have been victimised for thousands of years by various people in history. They were persecuted, prohibited from society and practising their religious beliefs. Nowhere has this treatment been as obvious as when they were slaughtered by Hitler’s Nazi party in World War 2. The Nazis are today viewed as the worst culprits of bullying and we all disgrace them for it. But, bullying does not need to be on such a high scale as the mentioned example to have a large effect on a society.
A recent example of bullying that had a large effect on western society is the story of Amanda Todd. She was bullying constantly for a matter of years and even stalked by strangers to the point where she couldn’t take it anymore, and committed suicide. While she may not have been picked on face to face, she was on the newest form of bullying, social media. This has come to be a new form of bullying and a very effective one, at that. Even though she tried to erase her past by moving schools, she was still bullied due to the rapid and ruthless social media. Even though campaigns were created, stories were told, tears were shed. After the story of a 15 year old girl who couldn’t take it, we all still continue to go on and bully one another.
You might say bullying is on a reduction due to the several campaigns and many tragic stories. The truth is, you’re outdated. The world of the internet and social media is making bullying so mainstream and common, everyone turns a blind eye to it. We haven’t learnt from this because teenagers still live in fear of peer condemnation. Followers of some religions and ethnic minorities are still persecuted and sometimes even

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