Historians: Secondary sources when primary sources not available

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Historians: Secondary sources when primary sources not available
Historians use either primary and secondary resources or one of the other when one of them can’t be available. What is a primary resource you might ask?"A primary source is a document or physical object which was written or created during the time under study". So basically anything including paper document or physical objects that you write down under history during the specific time in which the object or document was written. Most historians get their resources from two different sources either a secondary or primary source. The best thing about primary sources is that it gives us a first look, first-hand insight on all the documentation or physical objects of the past. Historians use primary sources because it’s the most important tool to be used for a historian because it helps you analyze and develop an understanding of the documentation or the physical object of the past. Primary sources usually historians use it as evidences that builds and argumentation for their interpretation to prove a point. Primary resources is not only used to understand evidence but it allows you to question the evidence of the past and helps you better understand what was actually going on in that era of the history. Three primary resources that are used in history are reading the source, classifying the source and understanding the source.

One of the primary sources is to actually read the context of the source. In the past times there were no videos so the only actually way to interpret the sources and understand the past you have to read. You can't just understand a source just by looking and observing you have to be able to read about it and understand it culture. It's not a given thing to understand something based on assumptions you have to ask yourself many questions and read many cultural sources about the past history. There might be certain questions about the source when it comes to reading it. For...
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