Hist204 African American Annotated Bibliography

Topics: American Civil War, African American, Jim Crow laws Pages: 2 (1090 words) Published: May 21, 2013
African Americans Hester 1
The African American race and the events they have been involved in from 1865- resent day, have single handedly contributed to and shaped the race they are today and the issues they deal with now. There are six specific areas of history that had great impact an effect on shaping African Americans, their culture, the society, and even social status to date. These events include The Civil War, this marked the beginning of freedom for blacks or so they thought. It directly relates to and shows how blacks were given something or promised a way of life but treated completely different. It also sparked all types of injustices one being segregation and the long standing feud between southern and Northern whites. The Reconstruction Era, this time in history played hand in hand with the civil war, it ended slavery as we knew it for the time being, and deemed blacks free by law to live as regular citizens. Plessy vs. Ferguson, this court case was the ground work for cases to come where blacks were revolting against the southern whites and the laws they created to keep the race under an invisible line of slavery and inferiority. Living under Jim Crow, this time also hand in hand with the Reconstruction era, gave blacks a false sense of hope after being released from slavery. The Harlem Renaissance was the time that blacks began to flourish and realize their true greatness and self-worth after being told for so long that they were inferior. And finally, The Great Depression, this time while hard on all Americans, played its on part of African Americans, Many blacks fled to the North in search of freedom and equality and found that even there while things were better the whole country was under duress and found no relief. Smith, john David. When Did Southern Segregation Begin? Boston: Bedford Books, 2001

African Americans Hester 2
Peoples natural assumption is that segregation began or was a natural outcome of Reconstruction. Even scholars...
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