Hist10412 Essay

Topics: Roman Empire, Ancient Rome, British Empire Pages: 9 (1953 words) Published: April 22, 2015
History and Heritage
Assignment Cover Sheet and Feedback Form: HIST10412: Essay
Personal Details – (to be completed by the student):
Student name:
Gerard Hamilton
Student ID:
Module title:
World History
Module code:
Module leader:
Dr Nicholas Morton
Seminar leader:
Amy Fuller
Assignment title:
Essay: To what extent would you agree that economic growth is always the primary factor underpinning the rise of any Empire? Explain your answer with reference to at least two case-studies

Word count:

I confirm that this is my own work and that I have complied with University Assessment Regulations. Yes

To be completed by the marker:
1st marker:

2nd marker:

Assessment date:

Date marked:

Final Grade:

Grade-based Assessment Feedback (refer to GBA matrix for this assignment for full descriptor of each of the criteria grades awarded): Grade
Lower Second
Upper Second

1: Focus and

2: Analysis
and Argument

3. Use of

4: Review of Literature

5. Expression/ Presentation

6. Scholarly Conventions

NB: Final grade determined by how well the criteria have been met overall, and appropriate weighting, and not the sum of the individual aspects of the work. Additional comments:

Module Learning Outcomes to be assessed:

Demonstrate a broad knowledge and understanding of some of the major processes and trends in global history, and an awareness of how societies and cultures perceive their own past and are influenced by it. Demonstrate some understanding of the histories of different countries, societies or cultures, and articulate an awareness of continuity and change over extended time spans. Read, analyse, and reflect upon historical texts and other source materials Show skills of comparative analysis and its uses –and inherent limitations- across a range of historical themes and problems; Demonstrate an ability to locate and evaluate, with guidance, research materials to address specific questions.

The full grade-based assessment Feedback Matrix for this assignment is available in your module learning room. Tutors will introduce this matrix and explain its criteria descriptors fully to students in preparation for research into and submission of your assignment. As the matrix outlines the link between Learning Outcomes and key marking criteria, it will allow students to locate their progress and reflect on good practice both in the planning process and following receipt of their grade and feedback. Please ensure that you understand the matrix fully and use it to inform your study.

Presentation of Work Checklist for History Assignments

The way in which you present your written work is of great importance. The following criteria are BASIC REQUIREMENTS of all undergraduate assessments in History. Failure to comply with these will result in your work being penalised appropriately. Please ensure that your work:

uses a clear font, in 12 point type, is double spaced to allow for tutor annotation and feedback, and includes page numbers; has included the requisite information in the Personal Details section above; meets the required assessment Word Count length (+/- 5% only); has been spell checked and proof read;

is fully and correctly referenced, using footnotes only, in accordance with the History Style Guide; includes a bibliography, which is constructed and formatted in accordance with the History Style Guide; has been saved with a short title (e.g. ps essay.doc) and as a MICROSOFT WORD document ONLY (title.doc or title.docx).

Please note that...
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