Hispanic and Latinos

Topics: United States, Hispanic and Latino Americans, Mexican American Pages: 2 (516 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Jamaal Weatherspoon
English 049
Professor Schuur
Research Prompt
The data accumulated within my research paper is to inform readers how society is brought up to reject Hispanic and Latino immigrants rather than implement them within our economy where both parties are able to benefit. In the article, ”Immigration Policy, Criminalization and the growth of the Immigration Industrial Complex Restriction, Expulsion and Eradication of the Undocumented in the U.S.” by author Diaz, Jr. Jesse, it explains how the immigration industrial complex is a system that is being used to eradicate Latino immigrants from society; to stifle their potential social advancement stemming from the Browning of America, an imminent and perilous demographic, political, and economic threat to the degenerating white hegemonic order. Diaz uses graph images to show the expansion of criminalization growth within between 1968-2008; grossing from 10,000 to 350,000. Eradication of Latinos from society was implemented resulting from immigration and crime. Immigrants are deemed as a criminal threat, accusing Latinos of elevating society’s crime rates. “Mostly ethnic white European and Asian immigrants were victims of interethnic and racial violence, culminating in policies that restricted Asians and prompted mass expulsions of mostly Mexicans.” The government wanted the United States free from immigrants, crime, and poverty, enforcing policies such as having sweeps, deportation and detention. In the article, “Reassessing the impact of Hispanic stereotypes on white Americans, immigration preferences reassessing the impact of Hispanic stereotypes on white Americans immigration preference, impact of Hispanic stereotypes on whites immigration preferences” by Lu, Lingyy and Nicholson-crotty, Sean, thru a statistical table chart results suggest that ethnic stereotypes are significantly more important in determining immigration preferences among Americans than has been reported in previous...
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