His Dream, My Reality

Topics: Martin Luther King, Jr., African American, United States Pages: 3 (1136 words) Published: June 24, 2013
His Dream, My Reality

Composition 1

His Dream, My Reality

His dream was for racial equality. I’m living that dream today because he sacrificed his life for my freedom. I’m referring to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who was one of the greatest civil rights leaders in history. Dr. King was a spiritual leader, who in the 1960’s, led the African American Civil Rights Movement in the south. During this period of time, Dr. King would make the largest impact against racial inequality while giving a speech at the Lincoln Memorial. This speech is what many considered the defining moment of the Civil Rights Movement, and that Dr. King would take full advantage of the national stage. Dr. King did many things to improve the quality of life for African Americans in the United States, but his most memorable moment was his speech given at the March on Washington in 1963. That day, in front of 250,000 attendees, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave his speech entitled, “I Have a Dream”. In this speech, we feel the passion and pain that Dr. King and the African American people have endured for hundreds of years. Immediately, Dr. King confronts the United States Government for not upholding the Emancipation Proclamation which stated freedom for slaves and equality for all mankind. It becomes very obvious within the first few minutes of Dr. Kings speech, that he is frustrated, and disappointed in the treatment of his people. Watching him speak, you can see the torment and battles he has fought in his eyes, and the voice of a man who has been shouting to be heard for years. Dr. King spoke of America defaulting on what was considered a promissory note to the African American people, and demanded that the country pay up in full. Dr. King made this statement based on the lack of support that was received by the government, and the fact that they allowed its own citizens to be attacked both mentally and physically without repercussion. Dr. King used these truths to not only unite...

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