His 145 Social Movements and Trends

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Social Movements and Trends

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The American Experience Since 1945 - HIS/145
October 6, 2012
Richard Pinder

Social Movements and Trends
Women have always fought for the right of equality and control of their bodies. Many instances occurred throughout history that supported a woman’s fight for equal representation and fair legislation, especially for those who were impoverished. This paper will discuss three articles from 1968 to 1977 that outline women’s battles against the government and the legal system regarding abortion and sterilization. The article details instances in which the government pursued unlawful sterilization as a form of birth control, or denied public funding to poverty stricken women who required birth control, abortion, or sterilization. Each scenario although different, ties into a violation of a woman’s right to decide what is right for her particular circumstance. Article One: Birth Control: At Best, A Risky Situation

According to author David C. Andersen of the Wall Street Journal (1968), in the late 1960s, families that were dependent on government welfare programs were unfortunately forced into sterilization by the government as a means to control public funding of impoverished households (Andersen,1968). Legislators pushed for mandatory sterilization of women on public assistance with more than two illegitimate children (Andersen, 1968). Many Black leaders advocated against this ruling because it was a form of ethnic execution, as it specifically targeted minorities (Andersen, 1968). Not only was this unethical because it violated a woman’s right to decide, but also unfairly marked minorities for genocide. Determinations were made by those other than women that instantly affected a woman’s right to conceive or delay that prerogative. Article Two: Mother of 3 to Fight Sterilization Ban

As per the New York Times article entitled, “Mother of 3 to Fight Sterilization Ban” (1971), this woman, Florence...

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