hireachy of court in nigeria

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Hierarchy of courts in Nigerian
Superior courts of Nigeria are courts which are listed in the Nigeria constitution of section 6 (5) which are namely: Supreme court
Court of appeal
The court of co-ordinate Jurisdiction
Federal high court
State high court
Sharia court of appeal
Customary court of appeal
National industrial court
Another superior courts added as amended by the 3rd alteration Act of 2010 is the NATIONAL INDUSTRIAL COURT With regards to this court mentioned above then following will be discussed: Establishment of this courts

Composition of this courts
Constitution of the courts
Jurisdiction of this courts
Supreme courts
The Supreme Court is the highest courts in Nigeria established in 1963 when Nigeria had a republican status. Prior to 1963 the courts of England was the highest courts in Nigeria. Presently the supreme courts of Nigeria is established in section 230 of the C.F.R.N. The supreme courts of Nigeria is composed with the chief justice which is the head of the courts and such that the number of justices do not exceed 21. The Supreme Court has original jurisdiction and appellant jurisdiction. A court is said to have appellant jurisdiction when it has drawn an appeal. There are basically five original jurisdiction of supreme courts. Two are stated in the constitution S.232(1) therein I.Any dispute between federal government and state government II.State and state

By virtue of the supreme courts and addition original jurisdiction Act, in exercise of the power contained in section 232(2) a)National assembly .v. state
b)National Assembly .V. President
c)National Assembly .V. State house of Assembly.
The Appellant jurisdiction of the Supreme Court is drawn from the court of appeal. Note that the supreme courts is appropriately constituted when five judges are sitted in the exercise of original jurisdiction. Secondly, when listening to any constitutional matter.

Thirdly, when hearing any matter based...
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