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HIPPA 2 Page Essay
HIPPA’s main goal is to protect and assure that the patient’s health information is protected. HIPPA protects the information even if it’s in the form of the media, electronic, paper or even oral. The facility has no right to release any of the patient’s information without the patients consent. When patients are seen in the facility, the providers and the medical assistants have the right to protect the patient's information from anyone that's not allowed or has no purpose to know the condition of the patients. When a patient comes in for an appointment, the medical assistant should always respect the privacy of the patients and should not share any medical information to another patient or any other medical assistant; if they do they are not respecting the privacy of the patient.

The physician’s physical ethical duty is to maintain patient confidentiality. They are obligated to maintain patient confidentiality and get permission from the patient to release their information to third parties. A patient expects to have his or her privacy respected by the physicians and the medical assistants and they should not disappoint their patients by releasing their information to a third party. If the information must be released, the patient should sign an appropriate release of disclosure in order for the information to be released. Any breach in confidentiality, even if it seems minor, can result in mistrust and possibly a lawsuit and/or disciplinary action or even revoking a physician’s medical license All health care professionals should not provide any medical information about a patient that includes the patient’s diagnoses, treatment, or any other imprudent information about the patient. When HIPPA is violated and any medical information about a patient is given without the patients consent, there are serious consequences that can result. The medical assistant can get fired from their job and there can be legal actions that can take place;...
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