Hip Hop Music and African American Community

Topics: Hip hop music, Funk, African American Pages: 2 (462 words) Published: October 28, 2012
What Effect Does the Music Censorship Has on today’s Society? This Topic Interest Me A lot Because A lot Of Society Problems Comes from the Censorship in Todays Music. I Have Many Questions about the Censorship in Today’s Music, Is Half of the Violence That Is Going on in the African American Community’s From the Censorship in Today’s Music? Is The Music Censorship Influences The Lives Of Many People? Is The Censorship In Todays Music Is The Cause Of Violence All Together? Do Many People Try To Do What The Censorship In Todays Music Says Because Of They Think That Person Is Cool, So They Think They Should Do It? I Think The Question Of: Is The Censorship In Todays Music Is That The Cause Of Most Of The Violence In Today’s African Americans Communities ,I Think This Question Can Be Turned Into A Research Question Because Many People Would Like To Know What Is The Cause For All The Violence In The African American Community’s . This Research Question Will Be Very Useful in a Research Paper Because It Can State a lot Of Facts That People Would like to Know About. This Research Question Is Very Relevant to A lot Of Community’s more specifically The African American Community’s, Because More African American’s Listen To Music With A Highly Amount Of Censorship That’s Why This Research Question Is Very Important To These Community’s. There is a lot Of Background Information That Leads up To the Main Topic of the Research Question, For Example: They Use a lot Of Rappers and Signers for Advertisements Because They Figure If They Can Convince Us to Buy It Because A lot Of Rappers in Singers Are Using It Then We Would To. So that’s Why I Stated Earlier That Most of the Violence in the African Community’s Comes from the Censorship in Todays Community’s. They Think That If The Rappers In Singers Are Saying That They Are Doing It They Would Want To Do It To. This Is In Article Negative Effects of Rap Music on Teens Written By: Expert Amie Taylor An how Contributer,...
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