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Hip Hop History

By ohmojo Nov 10, 2010 734 Words
When the public thinks about hip-hop, people more than likely come up with the rhyming, beats with profound base, and the scratching of a record into their mind. However, Hip-hop has become a part of American culture with its music, and lifestyle. The style of music has transformed from the rap music that we see these days. The ground-breaking establishment of artists helped institute the hip-hop movement in many types of music, and its performance. It has also branched into in many different styles making the music particularly versatile. Today Hip-hop is not only a type of music that we listen to everyday , but it 's a culture that is deeply related with American society in 20th century .Disagreements of hip-hops origin have always been heated. Many say Hip-hop originated in Africa in fact, the rapping is strongly related to the African ritual practice .In their society the bard is known as a story teller who sang of the tribe’s history. The bard maintained their history and cultural traditions through a performance. Abundant amounts people deem the bards as the original "rappers ", and that their performance contributed to today’s Hip-hop. Like early bards, the rappers held on to the customs of scrutinizing and depicting society as they saw it. The issues described in their music were social issues such as drug problems, corruption, teen problems, and poverty. Since the rap was commercialized as it grew more popular, the rappers began to portray the life of urban African Americans through the new type of communication. The group Run-DMC was broadly known as the progenitor of contemporary rap. They were creative and unique enough to get Hip-hop out of the streets and push it more mainstream Run-DMC’s creative ability to incorporate of social commentary, diverse musical elements, and uncompromising cultural identification an integration that pushed the music into the homes of suburban America. They secured its future as an American musical genre with an identifiable tradition. Run-DMC produced the first rap album that was considered gold meaning that five hundred thousand copies were sold and the first rap album to go triple platinum album which means that three million copies of their record was sold.

Dissimilar to any other subculture in American history, the Hip-hop culture has crossed ethnic boundaries. The music genre has optimum opportunity to construct ethnic bridges and repair ethnic relations because of its diverse audience since it cannot be denied that significant regions of the human ideology have been subjected to the control of Hip hop culture. Furthermore has undoubtedly taken hold and infused influence on a considerable number of individuals worldwide. This influence manifested through the way people express themselves in the manner of speaking, dressing up, and ideologies. The Hip Hop Genre is further subdivided into different subcategories or sub-genre, namely: Political rap, Underground rap, and Gangster rap. Political rap is a sub-genre of the larger category of rap music, which itself is a subcategory of Hip-Hop. Political rappers construct identities based on an ideology that rebel against the government. Political rap lyrics are used to depict supposed rebellious acts against the United States Government, and often refer to its actions as having negative effects all over the world. Underground rap is differentiable from other rap music in that it denounces the values of popular culture .Underground rappers construct identities based on an ideas that rebel against pop culture. Underground rap lyrics are used to rebel against pop culture, and often blames the world s materialism on this pop culture craze. Gangster rap is differentiable from other rap music in that it makes use of images in urban life associated with violence and crime. This outlet of rap is very unique because it opens a world to that many Americans would not have the opportunity of knowing or understanding. It can be concluded that Hip-hop is one of the burgeoning influences which could affect the way people interact with one another. The construction of Hip-Hop identities based on philosophy focuses not just on how rappers conform to an accepted or imposed principles, but how they rebel against or subvert powerful social views and beliefs. Hip-Hop has become more than music. It is a major part of American culture and is branching out to other nations as well.

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