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Topics: Photosynthesis, Adenosine triphosphate, Cellular respiration Pages: 2 (582 words) Published: December 8, 2013
BIOL111 – Test 3
Chapters 9-12 Test Review
Test November 11
1. Understand the use of ATP within a cell and its relationship to an athletes use of energy. 2. What characteristic of an ATP is responsible for its high energy level? 3. The glucose molecule has a large quantity of energy in its what? 4. Why might adding inorganic phosphate to a reaction mixture where glycolysis is rapidly proceeding help sustain the metabolic pathway 5. Two ATP molecules are expended in the energy investment phase of glycolysis. Why is this energy needed to begin the process of glucose catabolism? 6. In the energy-yielding phase of glycolysis, energy is extracted in the form of what? 7. When does substrate-level phosphorylation occur during cellular respiration? 8. Which electron carrier functions in the Krebs cycle?

9. True or False (T/F) Krebs cylcle activity is dependent solely on availability of substrate; otherwise it is unregulated. 10. T/F In the electron transport chain, electrons decrease in energy level as they are transferred from one electron carrier to the next. 11. T/F Reactions of the Krebs cycle take place in the mitochondrial matrix. 12. T/F Glycolysis is inhibited when cellular energy levels are abundant. 13. The first CO2that is released during aerobic cellular respiration is what? 14. The energy of electron transport serves to move (translocate) protons to the outer mitochondrial compartment. How does this help the mitochondrion to produce energy? 15. Describe the form and function of the inner mitochondrial membrane. 16. Fatty acids usually have an even number of carbons in their structures. They are catabolized by a process called beta-oxidation. The end products of the metabolic pathway are acetyl groups of acetyl CoA molecules. What is the most likely fate of the acetyl groups? 17. T/F Chloroplasts are unrelated to plastids.

18. T/F Chloroplasts have a internal membrane system known as the thylakoid. 19. T/F Chloroplasts have their own...
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