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This might seem as being an unusual way of beginning an essay; but the best part about this is people are not perceiving it to be unusual at all. People here refer to 1,170,938,000 Indians, with few exceptions of children and the ones totally oblivious of English language. None the less, the numbers speak for itself and there have been claims that HINGLISH, a mixture of Hindi and English, may soon become the most common form of the “Queen's language”. According to a British expert Professor David Crystal, 350 million Indians speak “hinglish” and it is soon to exceed the number of native English Speakers in Britain and the US. He further states the cause for this tremendous hike as being a collective-increasing popularity of “Bollywood” and Indian culture. This means not only is “hinglish” limited to India but the popularity might just escalate this trend to a more global scale. Such escalation seems very predictable as the process has already started; yearly, more and more Indian words are being added to the English dictionary. Apart from words, phrases such as “Yeh dil mange more”, “Do one thing Na” or “time-pass” bring out the true essence of “hinglish” and its role in “Indianism”. “Hinglish” itself contains a wide variety of characteristics ranging from amusing use of Indian words in English context to absurd grammatical errors of English in Indian context. Likely so, “hinglish” is a near to perfect blend of amusement, absurdity and quite a considerable number of people speaking it on a daily basis. “Hinglish” does not follow a definitive syntax, instead the arbitrary use of English words make it particularly unique. The persistent using of present continuous tense, even where simply writing in simple present would be sufficing, is one of the most common feature of “hinglish”. For instance, the sentence “I am having a dog” might occur as fairly normal to an Indian, who is exposed to thousands of similar sentences per day. However, for someone...
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