Hindustan Computer Limited

Topics: Need, Want, HCL Technologies Pages: 2 (704 words) Published: September 9, 2011
Global IT conglomerate Hindustan Computers Limited (HCL Technologies) has offices in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and beyond. The company has a relatively new CEO, Vineet Nayar, who has led the business through a major transformation since taking the top job in 2005. Under Nayar’s watch, the organization doubled its revenues-from $700 million to $1.7 billion-by 2008, through innovative approaches strategy and management in the IT services sector. Nayar believes a company needs to strategy regularly revisit its strategy. Obsolete strategy is evident when a company takes customers and employees for granted, and when customers are dissatisfied or bored with a company’s market offerings. In such cases, disruptive innovation is possible. Nayar has already acted on his belief and enacted changes to strategy on a number of occasions at HCL Technologies. His view is that a CEO does not force-but instead allows-people to do the jobs they should be doing. ‘People are usually good, and want to do a good job, so as a leader you need to make sure that you are not creating obstacles for them,’ he says. However, there is a natural resistance to learning new ways of operating. People can easily become narrow-mined and preoccupied with their existing ideas; not recognizing a need for change. Stock market analysts have shown concern over whether managers will genuinely create value for the company through strategic changes. There is risk associated with every change, so managers have to proceed with care. As CEO, Nayar needs to have strong convictions to overcome other people’s doubts. He needs to believe HCL Technologies’ former position in the market was unacceptable. He tries to communicate this message clearly and consistently and aims to be clear about the rewards that will come from successful change. Considering the IT services sector in India had enjoyed remarkable growth and had an established business model, it was especially difficult to convince peoples some...
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