Hinduism V Judaism

Topics: Hinduism, Vedas, Brahman Pages: 4 (1131 words) Published: April 17, 2007
Compare and contrast the teachings in the foundation periods of Hinduism and Judaism

The foundations of both religions will be compared in a timeline format with contrasts and comparisons highlighted. The main difference to be noted even before the timeline comparison is that Judaism is a monotheistic religion in that it believes in one God as creator and ruler of the universe and the lord of human history. Hinduism is a religion of many Gods, some decent and some evil but all worthy of the respect of human beings. Hinduism does believe in one force, Brahman from which everything in the universe came and to which everything in the universe shall return.

1800 BC – Judaism. Abraham is called by God to leave his country, family, culture and pagan gods. In return God would transform Abraham's descendants into a great nation. Abraham does this and it is at this time, according to Jewish Scriptures, Judaism is born. This can be a point of contention for at this time there were no real doctrines to follow.

1500 BC- The foundation of Hinduism is attributed to a highly developed civilisation in the Indus Valley, Northern India. At this time an Indo-European people, the Aryans invaded the Indus Valley and in doing so they imposed new forms of religion. With the Aryan people come the earliest writings of Hinduism, the Vedas. The four basic Vedas are:

1. Rig-veda – Wisdom of Verses
2. Yajur-veda – Words said by the priest at rituals
3. Sam-veda – Wisdom of Chants
4. Atharva-veda – Wisdom of the Atharvan Priests

1200 BC – After more than 400 years as slaves to the Egyptians, Moses leads the people of Israel to freedom. Before this happens however an event of major importance to the Jews takes place. Moses had been telling Ramses II, the Pharaoh of Egypt to ‘let his people go'. Ramses had refused. As a result of his refusal a series of unspeakable disasters fell upon him and his kingdom the last of which was the mysterious death of Egyptian children. To...
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