Hinduism vs. Christianity

Topics: Hinduism, God, Religion Pages: 2 (552 words) Published: February 5, 2012
Hinduism and Christianity are two religions that aren’t compared too regularly. Despite their many differences, they have a number of similarities. Major differences and similarities include the level of tolerance, beliefs about the afterlife, and the belief in god. These two religions have differences that obviously come from their contrasting origins, but also have quite a few interesting similarities. Hinduism is well known for its tolerance, while Christianity is known for its intolerance. The Hindu religion is about an individual approaching a personal god in their own, individualistic way. If he does not like Siva, he can choose Vishnu. If he does not like either of them, he can become a Shakta worshipper. If he is still not comfortable, he can bring in a few elements from other religions like Buddhism, Janinism of even Islam and Christianity and add them to his ways of worship. Hinduism accepts a large number of different beliefs as long as they are in harmony with the original ideas of Hinduism founded in the Vedas. In Christianity, it is uncommon to incorporate any other beliefs into the religious practices. One must follow the rules listed in the Bible and devote themselves completely to god or go to Hell. The Bible promotes intolerance (shunning, stoning, eternal torture, death) regarding gay marriage, non-believers, other religions, tattoos, circumcision, etc. While Hinduism is Pantheistic, Christianity is theistic. Pantheism is the belief that the universe (nature) and god are identical. Pantheists believe that “god” is best seen as a process of relating to the universe. Theism is the belief that at least one deity exists. Hindus believe in reincarnation, the idea that when you die your soul is passed on to another life. Karma, your good and bad deeds, determines your next life. In Christianity, there are two options for afterlife. Heaven and Hell. If you lead a mostly sin-free life, you are accepted into Heaven to live peacefully with god forever....
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