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I attended the Indian Hindu Sikh Religious, there is a teacher there that agreed to meet with me and my friend. According to my friends, friend temples are formed so Hindus can have social time and gather together. I have put in the report questions that I asked the practicing priests and the answers that I received from them. I have learned alot from the temple and the priests who were available when we went there. I do love the way they look to nature and see God. Because I honestly feel that way myself I feel that God is everywhere and when I say that in my mind I beleive he is within every living thing we are all just gifts from God. I understand more of the statues and the 300 million Gods that make up the Hinduism religion that I at one time did not understand at all. They believe that the statue is just a statue that a man made but it helps them focus. When I heard them talking about making their mind focus by consentrating on a statue it made me think of having a baby. During the labor part of birth they often will tell you to bring something or look at something to keep your mind focused to concentrate on the pushing and birthing and not the pain. So, this was easier for me to associate this with the statue and mind focusing and understanding how that works. I loved how they wanted to be clean and keep away unclean things it is interesting especially in my religion it talks about cleaniness is next to godliness. I enjoyed my time with the people at the temple and enjoyed learning more about the this religion and the culture that surrounds it. Below you will see the questions I asked when I visited the Temple I tried to write as close to the answers they gave me. Do Hindus try to convert believers of other religions to their faith? No, Hindus are one of the few religions that do not try to get others to convert to their ways. They will welcome you into their religion if you decide to go on your own way but they will not push you. Why would you say some people convert over to Hinduism?

When you go in a temple and see the way it is there, non violent people are people who have a passsion with their religion it is a great feeling. The Hindu people are so nice and very good to everyone. The fact that you will find out they do not worship statues but use them for consentration and they will burn incenses for just uplifting your moods. People realize that you must go from darkness to light. It is called being enlightened, the world is a playground and you most go out to experience life. Live loving your life that is what it is all about. What is the connection of Yoga to Hindiusm?

The connection of Yoga to Hindusim is the self displine part. Hindu believe that once you are born then you suffer through life then you die. They believe Yoga is good for mediation and using the body to help the mind. Yoga means the joining of two such as mind and body. Yoga is not a religion but a way to calm the body for mediation. Is there worship in the homes of Hindiusm families?

Worship in the home is common, only the truly wealthy will have a whole room associated for the worship services. Other people may only have a shelf or small area in the home, like small picture frames or statues that they mediate or worship to what they call deities. Before worship Hindus are to bath before they mediate. Hindu do not believe in smoking, drinking or eating meat because they consider this a dirty habit. They will not wear their shoes within their home or have dogs or cats in the home either because this is unclean to them. When there is worship within the home it is usually for the women and children of the home. I found out the Priests are often the the leader in education within Hindiusm brahmana community; they perform religious ceremonies in the temple and within peoples homes. What makes Hinduism different?

Hinduism is diffferent because they do not...

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