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for any one of us alone, developing India as a whole is impossible. India is so big, and there are so many people who think, speak and act differently. Each one of us alone can make a change but v don’t work towards it all we do is talk about change . when you're working for something good, you're making a difference.   Love it despite its' faults .Tolerate fools who we should believe are in minority.Uphold humane values ever.raise your finger when voting against a wrong.Becounted in raising issues.Daily every hour live life partly for the country as a whole.take small steps..In gardens ,promote anti litter steps,put plastics in the bin care for one poor child or elderly with minimal time you can spare not by money..Care for your home,family,society state ,country, as if it is your own body..excuse yourself if you cannot do so many things ..at least you have it in your mind and will do or make others do these small things which makes the changes for the good..first be the one too to change!!..God bless all those who atleast had thought of asking this question.!.jinhe hind pe naaz he woh kahan hai...i am sure new generation once it decides.. will break all barriers of mind restraining ideas put into us by bigots and lead india to greatness. Even though the battle was won many years ago even to this day we are not completely free
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