Hilton Hotels It Case

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Hilton Hotels: Brand Differentiation through CRM

1. Business Context/Key Business Drivers
* Hilton began its operations in 1919 under the leadership of Conrad Hilton. * It focused on lodging segment as well as through diversification into casinos and vacation ownership. * The company was taken over by the Blackstone Group for $26 billion in 2008. * It was one of the largest lodging companies in the world. * The global lodging business was highly competitive.

* The firm launched a Customers Really Matter strategy and IT initiative, QNQ in 2002 to improve service delivery and consistency across the Hilton brands. * In 2007, it had 2935 hotels with a presence in 78 countries

2. The Key Business Objectives:
* To achieve economies of scale and take excellent care of its guests * To expand nationally and internationally in the coming years * To franchise and align with real estate owners for growth in capital the lodging industry * To build trust by ensuring smooth operations and constant monitoring through quality assurance efforts * To foster closer relationship with customers and have loyal customers

3. Challenges and Solutions

To have a one stop shopping nature of an integrated solution and a readiness to serve customers| Development of comprehensive integrated information technology infrastructure called QNQ| To ensure customer loyalty in the wake of severe competition| Using QNQ to get information to personalize services as per the preferences of the customers| Lack of uniform service to customers who stayed with multiple brands| Using QNQ to ensure uniformity in customer service based on previous experiences with the same customers| How to get prior information about guest arrival to ensure customer satisfaction| Use of customer analytics for prompt measuring of results and getting information when...
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