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Case Study | Hilton
The challenge
Facing intense competition to secure high calibre graduates, Hilton International were keen to radically overhaul their approach to the recruitment and selection of management trainees. Equally critical for the future success of the business was the need to introduce an accelerated management training and development scheme which would significantly reduce the typical 15-20 year timeframe for a new recruit to reach the level of an international Hotel General Manager.

The solution
Hilton worked in partnership with SHL and two other consulting firms to design and develop a high potential graduate selection and development initiative; the Hilton Elevator Programme.
Initially the consulting firms sought to develop a precise understanding of the needs and expectations of the target group by conducting interviews with final year students from hotel schools and universities. SHL consultants then conducted extensive job analysis interviews with Hilton senior executives to identify the key skills, behaviours and attributes necessary for superior performance in the target roles. The resulting competency profile was used to redesign the recruitment advertising and to develop a scoreable application form which would save valuable management time in the shortlisting process.

SHL then designed a full immersion, high realism customised assessment centre focused upon 24 hours of demanding simulation tests. The components of the assessment centre were deliberately designed to be extremely challenging, providing candidates with a realistic preview of the demands of the job and the pace at which they would be expected to develop.

Only those candidates who excelled at the assessment centre were offered a place on the development programme. The results of the centre were used in feedback to kick start an initial 18 month period of focused development for the new hires. “ We have received

extremely positive
feedback from the areas
about the...
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