Hillary Rodham Clinton for President

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Hillary Rodham Clinton for President
Hillary Clinton is known for many things, from her trip to Africa and her Grammy award winning book "it takes a village". Hillary Rodham Clinton is a well known activist who spent most of her time helping her husband former United States President William Jefferson Clinton with issues that involved the United States. She was her husband's pick to run the Children's Heath insurance Program in 1993. Clinton has taken a major part in government history by becoming the first lady to ever be elected into senate in 2000. Hillary Rodham Clinton will make a good president because she had an 8-year experience living in the White House as the first lady and now is currently the United States Senator of New York. Not many people might agree with Clinton being the first lady Democrat to be in Presidential Office. Born Hillary Diane Rodham in Chicago, Illinois on October 26, 1947 and raised in Park Ridge, Illinois along with her mother and father Dorothy and Hugh Rodham and two younger brothers Hugh and Tony Rodham. Clinton growing up was a smart intelligent girl who loved school and was involved in many school activities such as the National Honors Society. (White house paragraph.2) She continued to excel in her learning when she was an undergraduate at Wellesley College where she then graduated with honors; Clinton continued her schooling to Yale Law School. While at Yale Hillary was on the Board of Editors for the Yale review of Law and social Action. (White house paragraph 4). There at Yale is where she also met her husband Bill Clinton who was a student there also. Like high school Clinton was involved in many things at Yale such as in a staff Attorney for the Children's Defense Fund then she also was asked to work on the Watergate Impeachment by the House of Representatives (white house paragraph 5). After all of that she moved from Washington D.C to Arkansas with her Husband Bill. They got married in 1975. Then in 1978 Bill Clinton became the governor of Arkansas, Clinton was now the first lady of Arkansas. (Women's international center paragraph 5) As first lady of Arkansas and a first time mother Hillary managed to pull a few things off, like being a full time wife, mother and she also was a co-founder of the Arkansas Advocates for Children and families (white house paragraph 7) she also supported her husband Bill Clinton as much as possible so much she even helped him with his campaign when he decided to run for president of the United States. 1993 was when Hillary was asked to become a chairperson for the National Health care reform. That is why she supports health care so much today. First Lady of Arkansas she was named Mother of the year 1983 and Arkansas Women of the Year 1984, (women's international center paragraph 6) Hillary is already concentrating on some issues that may help her win her presidential election in 2008. Hillary Rodham Clinton has many concerns and issues that she strongly supports, for example Abortion she thinks that a women should have a right to choose and Mrs. Clinton wants to keep abortion rare and legal. (Gordon, Clinton on abortion para.1) Clinton also supports the budget and the economy of the United States she wants to pay off the nation's debt and she wants to debt to go down and a tax cut that is with in a balances budget. Clinton also wants to have the social security secure and provide affordable taxes cut. Clinton believes in a balanced budget for the United States (Gordon budget and economy para.2). Hillary also wants to create a balance, she said "The economy can create jobs… and wealth" "but the economy cannot create citizens" (Gordon budget and economy para.7). On education she wants to do many things because she cares for children and education. She wants to increase the salary of teachers and create smaller classes, she wants the school to focus of school safety and as a requirement to read to young kids 20-30 minutes,...

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Rodham Clinton, Hillary
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