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All can agree that this year is a very special year for presidential candidates. One candidate could be the first Morman president. One who could be the oldest president. Another who could be the first black president. And last, but not least, one who could very well become the first women president! This one woman, as we all know, is no stranger to the White House. Yes, she has called it her home before. She lived there for nearly eight years. Her name is … Hillary Clinton, Presidential Candidate for the 2008 Democratic Party. The following will demonstrate the stances, vision, political accomplishes and pieces of her own life, on which she is planning to lead our country in the right direction.

Hillary Diane Rodham, the first child born to Dorthy and Hugh Rodham, was born on October 26, 1947 at a Chicago hospital, and was raised in Park Ridge, Illinois. Hillary’s childhood was happy but disciplined. She loved participating in sports and was greatly involved with her church. During high school, she was enrolled in the National Honor Society. Her parents always encouraged her to study hard and to follow whatever career interested her(Jones 1).

Hillary graduated Wellesley College, and spoke at her graduation saying, “The challenge now is to practice politics as the art of making what appears to be impossible, possible.” Later, in 1969, she entered Yale law School where she serced on the Board of Editors of Yale Law Review and Social Action. This point in Hillar’s life holds a special place in her heart, for this is the place in which she met her future husband, Bill Clinton. She often recalls how they met in the library when she walked up to him and said, “If you are going to keep staring I might as well introduce myself.” Hillary and Bill married in 1975. In those next few years to come, Hillary joined the faculty of the university of Arkansas Law School and later the Rose Law Firm. In 1978, President Jimmy Carter...
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