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Kiera Moore
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5 October 2014
“Ah, but what is ‘herself’? I mean, what is a woman? I assure you, I do not know.” In Virginia Woolf’s PROFESSIONS FOR WOMEN, she uses different means to reach her specific audience—women. She does so by employing rhetorical strategies, such as structural parallelism, metaphorical sentences, and rhetorical questions, in terms of organization, structure, and form to establish appeals—Logos, Pathos, and Ethos. Virginia Woolf effectively utilized structural parallelism in her essay. An example of this can be viewed in the opening paragraph: “It is true that I am a woman; it is true I am employed…” This use of parallelism allows her sentences to flow; it also gives the reader the ability to have no interruptions of the thought process while reading. Another example of structural parallelism in this piece comes from paragraph five: “He has to induce in himself a state of perpetual lethargy. He wants life to proceed with the utmost quiet and regularity. He wants to see them same faces, to read the same books, to do the same things, day after day, month after month, while he is writing, so that nothing may break the illusion in which he is living—so that nothing may disturb or disquiet the mysterious nosings about, feelings round, darts, dashes and sudden discoveries of that very shy and illusive spirit, the imagination.” This quote has multiple examples of parallelism. It affects the reader by forcing their minds to wrap around this subject and this subject only. Personally, I read the previous quote with a quick pace, and I had to stop and really analyze and comprehend what the author intended for her audience to understand. In terms of Logos, Woolf persuades her audience by providing solid experience of personal affiliations. Woolf’s most dominant rhetorical strategy is her use of metaphors. She applies metaphorical quotations in her essay. Her use of metaphors presents the use of imagery in...
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