Hilda Doolittle Outline

Topics: Poetry, Imagism, Fruit Pages: 2 (647 words) Published: June 6, 2013
Hilda Doolittle (aka. H.D) was a master at the craft of writing imagist poetry as shown in “Heat” & “Pear Tree”.
Format on “Heat”. When I first read the poem “Heat” by H. D. my first impression was it was so short. This poem has three stanzas, consisting of an unequal amount of lines in each. It also uses every day conversation words. My second thought was that it was so simple, almost grade school because of the word choice. Though after learning more about imagists and H.D. I knew this wasn't the case. To write this poem she painstakingly choose each specific words to use. The poem is choppy and very precise all at the same time. H.D. used the same hard sounding words over and over throughout the poem. The poem style is lyrical because it expresses the thoughts and feelings of H.D.

Style on H. D’s poem “Heat”. In this poem H.D used direct presentation of picture words/ images. H.D also had a unique ability for writing her poems in cinema form. (She was very interested in the new art of movie making.) This is where her poems made you see a moving picture instead of freezing a moment in time like other imagist poets. This is one of the reasons she was seen as so nontraditional. In the poem “Heat” H.D personifies the heat, she says that the heat stops the fruit from falling, and it presses up on the blunts and points of pears and rounds the grapes. She made the heat have human-like characteristics. This poem also makes the same hard “t” sound throughout the poem to make it seem more oppressive. That is an example of consonance while the repeating vowels sounds of heat, used quite a lot is an example of assonance.

Content in H. D’s poem “Heat”. I think what H.D is trying to say in this poem is that sometimes life is hard and unforgiving. It might just seem like things are just to hard and are never going to get better but sometimes they do. Out of nowhere a unexpected cool breeze cuts through the heat and delivers relief. At the end of my...
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