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Independent Reading and Writing 1

Aaron, David Miller. "If Hillary Clinton had won in 2008, what would her foreign policy have looked like?" Opinion: The Washington Post 15 Aug. 2014. Web. 27 Aug. 2014. .

If Hillary Clinton had won in 2008, what would her foreign policy have looked like?

Summary: Due to Hillary Clinton publically criticized President Obama’s foreign policy in interview with the Atlantic, voters had been raising questions that if Hilary Clinton had won in 2008 and had been the one in the Oval Office since 2009, what would her foreign policy be and how much different would it be than President Obama’s.

New Vocabulary:
1. 1) Adamantly 2) “And in the Atlantic interview, she was adamantly against the idea that Iran has a right to enrich uranium” 3) ADV 4) Definition: utterly unyielding in attitude or opinion in spite of all appeals, urgings, etc. 2. 1) Bilateral 2) “After the sultan of Oman offered Clinton a back channel for secret bilateral diplomacy, it was her State Department, specifically Bill Burns and Jake Sullivan, that staffed it on the U.S. side.” 3) ADJ 4) pertaining to, involving, or affecting two or both sides, factions, parties, or the like: a bilateral agreement; bilateral sponsorship. 3. 1) Meddling 2) “As for Ukraine, put Clinton in Obama’s shoes during the past several months of Putin’s adventurism in Crimea and his meddling in eastern Ukraine, and it’s hard to see what she might have done differently to impose greater costs on Russia, let alone to counter and reverse Putin’s support for pro-Russia separatists. Military force isn’t an option.” 3) Noun 4) to involve oneself in a matter without right or invitation; interfere officiously and unwantedly: Stop meddling in my personal life!

4. 1) Vetted 2) “But more — training and equipping carefully vetted elements of a dysfunctional and divided opposition — wasn’t all that far from what Obama eventually came to accept in 2013.” 3) Verb 4) to examine or treat in one's capacity as a veterinarian or as a doctor. 5. 1) amenable 2) Not every problem today has a solution that is amenable to U.S. military or diplomatic power — or to Clinton magic. 3) ADJ 4) ready or willing to answer, act, agree, or yield; open to influence, persuasion, or advice; agreeable; submissive; tractable: an amenable servant. 6. 1) Transactor 2) “They both are transactors, not ideological transformers — smart, pragmatic centrists largely coloring inside the lines in a world of long shots and bad options.” 3) Noun 4) a person who carry on or conduct business, negotiations, etc.: 7. 1) Mullah 2) “She says in her memoir “Hard Choices” that she regretted the president’s refusal to take a harder line with the mullahs in response to their crackdown on the Green Revolution in 2009.” 3) Noun 4) (in Islamic countries) a title of respect for a person who is learned in, teaches, or expounds the sacred law. 8. 1) squabble 2) “U.S. relations with Russia were at rock bottom after the Georgia war and the preceding squabbles over Kosovo, missile defense and NATO expansion.” 3) Verb (used without object) 4) to engage in a petty quarrel. 9. 1) marshaling 2) “So Clinton, like Obama, would have fallen back on some package of steps, including marshaling the Europeans, nonlethal military assistance to Ukraine, tough rhetoric and sustained sanctions.” 10. 1) Jihadist 2) “failure to help build up a credible fighting force [in opposition to Bashar al-Assad] left a big vacuum, which the jihadists have now filled.” 3) Noun 4) an Islamic fundamentalist who participates in or supports jihad, especially armed and violent confrontation.

Level 1:
1. What is the name of Hilary Clinton’s memoir?
Answer: Hard Choices
2. How many agreements did President Bill Clinton reached with the Israeli prime minister? Answer: Bill Clinton reached two agreements with the Israeli prime minister. Level 2:
1. Who is the intended audience of the article? How do we know? Answer: Voters...
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