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Hiking: American Films and La Mesa City

Topics: American films, Thing, 2007 singles, 2006 albums / Pages: 2 (552 words) / Published: May 18th, 2014
One of my favorite things to do is hiking. My friends don’t like the challenge about it but I love to take that challenge. I reveal this hobby as fun activity not just healthy exercise. Cowles Mountain in La Mesa city is a great place for hiking. It’s neither high mountain to hike on nor too curvy. Even if you are not athletic person, you could experience it and reach the highest point. Hiking teaches me patience and determination to keep going. It’s hard to build but it’s easy to fall down means it’s hard to climb up to the last rock of it and it’s easy to climb down. Things do not come easily so is hiking. I have to make stops too many times and I barely breathe up there me and my best friend made it as a fun and healthy habit every Saturday to climb up the mountain. He waits on me at the first step with excitement to take this journey every Saturday Morning in the school break. I come with strong desire to enjoy the challenge one more time. We take three bottles of water every time we hike. We also wear light clothes because we know we will sweat. The set up time is 8 am every weekend. I usually look at people‘s speed when they race with me. Some people are way stronger than me; I can tell by the way they run out there. One day I felt that I had no energy to hike so my friend supported me that day. He talked to me a lot and tried to keep me busy. I kept thinking of giving up on it, but he motivated me a lot to get it done. I tried to escape from my negative thoughts but I failed. I basically told him “Let us go down because I’m unable to continue.” He is so positive and motivational person; he used all his strength to help me. He used his sense of humor to get me out of it and he succeeded at the end. I reached the highest point; we both sat on a huge rock. The weather was so nice and fresh in the morning. We sat for almost half an hour and we craved the rock by writing that we finally made it. I felt so proud of myself and happy to have such a great person in my life. I would give up if he was not there for me. We also took pictures as a memory. The thing that bothered me besides me giving up on the thing that I like to do is that people brought their dogs with them. I have phobia of animals so my fears of dogs bothered me a lot. I was glad that they were leashed but they used to come closer to me to smell me. I have a great time every time I hike and I would recommend it to anybody that has not done it. It’s a great activity, fun, and enjoyable work out. It takes all your stress away and it leaves you with feelings of success, challenge, and happiness. Take some time and courage and try it out otherwise you will miss out a lot.

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