Topics: Ocean, Sun, Beach Pages: 2 (597 words) Published: October 13, 2013

It was a hot, July day in California. The sun was shining and the crisp clean air of the west coast beaches was wafting up from the ocean mist. My family and I were going on a hike along the California coast. Once we got to the trailhead for Landon Overlook we realized that the hike was a proximate twelve miles long, round trip. My outlook on this hike was very negative and I was very stand offish about it. But the fact that my dad loves when my sister and I go hiking with him was a dead give away that I would do this for him. My dad is a photographer so I take after him at how I view nature. Nature is the most beautiful creation on this earth; it is so real and vivid. About half way through the hike we met a marine biologist on the trail; her name was Carol Jules. She had the highest cheekbones you will ever see. Her eyes were bright bluish green, like the ocean she explores in, with long eyelashes surrounding them. Her eyes were full of life and are wide open. She has thin eyebrows that are perfectly plucked to match the shape of her eyes. Her nose is small and rounded on the end with a small dip right between her eyes. Carols mouth was curved upward into a permanent smile consisting of a full bottom lip and skinny upper lip. The bangs of her hair align with her eyebrows and swoop the right side of her forehead and her face is framed with beach waved blonde hair which was sun bleached from the exposure due to her job; it was long which reached down to the small of her back. Carol told us a lot about the amount of whales and dolphins she has seen this year compared to how many she has seen in the past. It sounded like she really loved her job. Carrying on with the hike I could smell the saltiness of the sea approaching. Overcoming a large hill we were finally there, the ocean was sprawled out in front of us. At first I thought my eyes were deceiving me. The sunset over the ocean was as gorgeous as the most beautiful diamond you have ever seen. Leafy green...
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