Topics: Islam, Fashion, Allah Pages: 4 (1213 words) Published: December 14, 2012
First thing first, I would like to express my gratitude to the crews of fabulous magazine for women, Modern Muslimah because willing to put my personal opinions that can be considered as rubbish for some people in the ‘Heart to Heart’ slot. Regardless of the hate that I received before this, I am jotting down my rubbish opinion here because of my responsibilities as a Muslim woman and to spread the words for my beloved readers especially to those who are wearing hijab.

Seeing the world in my own perspective, I found it very complicated. I think and argue a lot with myself, struggling to know whether what I thought is true or not. Then, Allah SWT gave me the right answer for this doubt. At first I think that by writing this article, people will think that I am a busy body person, but as long as what I think is parallel and in accordance with the Islamic teaching, then I don’t have to be worried with other’s perspective because I know that I am on the right path.

I guess that being part of International Islamic University Malaysia, really have opened my eyes to see Islam and life in wider perspectives. Hijab or tudung or shawl or anything that people want to call on a piece of cloth that Muslim women put on their head are something that we nowadays take it for granted. Along with today’s fashions, wearing hijab also become a trend for women in order to be updated and follow the trend. As we can see in magazines, internet or newspapers, there are tremendous advertisement about the latest fashion of hijab that sometimes I personally think as absurd, silly and sometimes the design is totally ridiculous.

Previously, honestly speaking, I thought hijab is something that Muslim women are wearing to cover their aurah especially in front of the non-muhrim. I am really sure that most of Muslim women already know it but from what we can see nowadays, the main intention to wear a hijab is because she needs to follow the latest fashion. This is totally wrong and not...
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