Highschool Stereotypes

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High School Stereotypes
“Attempting to get at truth means rejecting stereotypes and cliches.” - Harold Evans

When you first enter high school, you can face many different difficulties. (exams, new friends, drama etc.) But one of the most stressful difficulties of all are stereotypes. ‘What is a stereotype? Where do I fit in? Do I Have to fit in?’ are just some of the things you may be worrying about. There are three main stereotypes that I have come to recognize that are in almost every single school. The preps, the nerds, and the emos. I will help you classify which is which and understand the difference so that you can determine whether you want to fit in with these groups, or go your own way.

The first main stereotype is the preps. They will usually be well talked about and you will hear their names often. They dress nice in expensive clothing, are usually wealthy and are sometimes in sports like football or cheerleading. This stereotype is usually filled with good-looking people and these types of kids are known to be meaner than average. There are advantages and disadvantages to being one of the preps. Some good things about being one is that you are well known, people envy you and want to be your friend. You usually have fun because you are invited to parties and everyone wants to be around you. A few disadvantages are that you’re expected to dress nicely at all times, you are also supposed to act accordingly even if that means being rude to someone else.

The second stereotype is the nerds. These kids are the exceptionally smart ones. These are the people in your class that get straight A’s. They enjoy doing homework and extra credit and are usually known to be socially awkward. They often wear glasses or braces or breathe heavily and often get bullied. Just like every other stereotype I am talking about today, being a nerd also has it’s own ups and downs. Some advantages are that you get excellent grades, which makes teachers impressed, and...
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