Highly Effective Habits of a Successful Student

Topics: Education, Critical thinking, Learning Pages: 2 (556 words) Published: June 20, 2013
* Highly Effective Habits of a Successful Student
* By developing effective study habits, you will become a more successful college student. A successful college student goes on to have a good financial future as well. You’ll be placed in better jobs, get increased benefits, and have better opportunities overall than a person without a college education. When you do well in college, it shows you can apply yourself when challenges arise and that you are able to overcome them. Study habits that are good include having a quiet place to work. You'll want a space just for this somewhere in your home. Try to be organized and free of distractions while you study. Learn what ways you retain information the best so you can be efficient in your studying. * Make your college experience easier by examining why you are attending college in the first place. Are you furthering your education to get a better job? Finishing a program you were not able to complete earlier? Just want to better yourself by learning something new? These are all good reasons for becoming a student. There are different ways to learn, and you can understand how you learn better, by getting your personal VARK score. VARK stands for “Visual,” “Aural,” “Read/Write,” and “Kinesthetic.” Becoming a critical thinker can also aid in your college experience. Critical thinking is necessary in most classroom environments. Working with others in a collaborated environment will help foster critical thinking, but you’ll need to be able to do this on your own too. * To become a successful student you’ll need to learn how to manage time well. This can be done by following a schedule every day to ensure you make time for your studies. Maintaining your health is also very important. If you’re not getting enough sleep at night, try to work on creating a schedule that will allow you enough hours for sleep. A good nights rest will ensure that you are physically and mentally capable of handling...

References: Gardner, J. N., Jewler, A. J., & Barefoot, B. O. (2011). Your college experience: Strategies for success (9th ed.) Boston, MA: Bedford/St. Martins.
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