Highly Confidential Security System

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Highly Confidential Security System
ABSTRACT- Due to busy life style we can’t remember all confidential data like All mail Id, Password, All bank account no. , Insurance policy no. , Pan card no. , Driving License no. , Passport no. ,All education certificate Numbers, Some highly valued scan copy, some confidential photos, music and videos. So we can develop highly security web application in which we can store all confidential data in single credentials. * HCSS keeps confidential data and provide high security. * It reduce all Efforts of any user to remember all id’s ,passwords they have and facilitate to use single id and password. * In this system whenever any transaction takes place from their account they get informed through a text messages or E-mails. * This System provides Video locker, image locker, music locker, bank account information locker, mail id and password locker. * It keeps past logs and also need extra credential to delete these logs. By using the past logs a user can undo all its transactions. * System also provides Login mobile verification.

* This software is user friendly. Any literal person can handle the software for getting different form available on that software. This software is made in English language. * The software provide different login facility for user such as public people, administrator. Different authorized person can login here to modify self portfolio & and can access their confidential data. * Any extra technical skill is not require when any person want to handle this software. Only language and computer literacy is needed to understand that form column and its related information. This software is made secured to user that no other person can modified your personal data.

INTRODUCTION- The objective of HCSS is to provide a secure process & way to keep the users data more confidential and more secured. It provides a way that any public people can easily create their portfolio and keep their confidential data. And they can also access the data on a single click for that they need to cross a bridge which required only single credential.

This project is useful for person as he/she easily store and retrieve their confidential data. This reduces the cases of fraudulence in our country.
The main goal of this project according to business point of view to make the life of the people easy by proving the system which will reduce the probability of being cheated by leakage of any confidential information.

TECHNOLOGIES TO BE USED:-IBMRational Software Architect:-
IBMRationalSoftwareArchitect(RSA)madebyIBM'sRationalSoftwaredivision,isacomprehensivemodelinganddevelopmentenvironmentthatusestheUnified ModelingLanguage(UML)fordesigningarchitecturefor C++andJava 2EnterpriseEdition (J2EE)

Applicationsandwebservices.RationalSoftwareArchitectisbuiltontheEclipseopen-sourcesoftware frameworkandincludescapabilitiesfocusedonarchitecturalcodeanalysis,C++,andmodel-driven development(MDD)withtheUMLfor creatingresilientapplicationsandwebservices. IBMWebsphereCommunity Edition:-

WebSphereApplicationServerCommunityEdition(fromnowon WASCE)isafree,certifiedJava EE5applicationserverfor buildingandmanagingJava applications.Itis IBM'ssupporteddistributionofApacheGeronimothatusesTomcatfor servletcontainerandAxis2for webservices.OtherdifferencefromApacheGeronimoisthat WASCEcomeswith DB2 andInformix databasedrivers,betterXMLparserlibraries(XML4JandXLXP)andcontainsthelatestpatchesfrom unreleasedupstreamversions.

DB2 Express Cor DB2 UDB:-
The name DB2 was first given to the Database Management System or DBMS in 1983 when IBM released DB2 on its MVSmainframe platform. Prior to this, a similar product was named SQL/DS on the VM platform. Prior to that in the mid 1970's IBM released the QBE relational database product for the VM platform with a...

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