Higher education in GB

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Higher education in GB
The expansion of higher education led to necessity of creating more universities. There are two conditional types of problems of Higher education in Great Britain: financial and social. The main social ones are: increasing number of people who’d like to get education, exclusivity of Oxbridge, separation of sexes and the repression of people from poor backgrounds. The main financial problems are: the funding gap, including high fee and poor academic pay. However, there are 90 universities today and all can be divided into 5 categories: the medieval English foundations, the medieval Scottish ones, the nineteenth-century ‘red-brick’ ones, the twentieth-century ‘plate-glass’ ones, the previous polytechnics and the open university. Oxford and Cambridge, founded in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, are the most famous of Britain’s universities. They continue to attract many of the best brains all over the world, although it’s quite difficult to enter them. These are the English medieval foundations. The Scottish medieval foundations are Glasgow, Edinburgh, St Andrew’s and Aberdeen. All of them were founded in fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. “red-bricks” universities were founded in the nineteenth century as a result of the Industrial revolution and the expansion of Britain’s overseas empire. Most of them are situated in big industrial cities, such as Manchester, Newcastle, Liverpool and Bristol. “plate-glass” universities were established in 1960s as a result of the expansion of higher education at that time. They are named so after counties or regions, where they are situated, for example Sussex, Kent, East Anglia. Over 50 polytechnics and similar higher education institutes acquired university status in 1992. There is also a highly successful Open University which is different from the others. It provides every person in Britain with the opportunity to study for a degree, without leaving their home. It was set up by the British...
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