Higher Education

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Education is a major part of our society. As our world is developing more and more, education is looked at as a necessity and our degree as a status. People have mixed feelings on the importance of education. What are better, street smarts or school smarts? The quote that states “There can be no freedom without education”, is absolutely incorrectly stated. In my opinion, there can be, there has been, and there will be. Back in the day this quote related to slavery and how blacks needed knowledge and schooling to be looked at with more respect, however, now it most nearly relates to freedom as being successful. Something that people look at wrongly is education. Sitting in a school, earning a degree or being formally tested does not fully reflect ones education. If the old saying,” knowledge is power” is correct, then librarians would rule the world. They don’t. Something else is more correlated to success then the formal education that everyone perceives to be the one and only route. Millions of people that have earned higher leveled degrees make less during their careers than people who dropped out of high school. And millions who never finished high school have had huge impacts on our society and earn a very high salary. I am not trying to emphasize how there are exceptions to every rule, but I am trying to express that there are more paths then the ‘normal one’ that lead to the same if not better end goal. We miss cause and effect all the time. For example, people love to say that college graduates earn thousands of dollars more in their lifetime then non-college college graduates. However, is that because of the fact that they went to school, or because they were motivated to do anything that would allow them to become successful and reach their final goal? I think it’s the latter. There are some correlation between education in hard sciences, like engineering, pharmaceuticals, plumbing, etc. and success. But within soft sciences, there is little to no...
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