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Topics: Higher education, Ratio, Standard deviation Pages: 8 (1192 words) Published: January 26, 2014
What Keeps Male Away From Higher Education?
With Special Reference to Science
S.Michael Jeyabalan1, Caroline Daisy2, P.Selvarathy Grace2 and C.Ravi Samuel Raj2 1 Department of English, Pope's College
2 Department of Chemistry, Pope's College, Sawyerpuram, Thoothukudi Dist - 628 251 Abstract:
Higher education is essential for a nation. Once the higher education was dominated by male and now the trend started reversing. Such a gender imbalance is unsuitable for the countries development. The present study aims to analyse the factors of decline of men population in the higher education, especially in science. A systematic study has been carried out for nine years on the strength of students in the Chemistry course of Pope's College, Sawyerpuram. The data were analysed statistically and interpreted. Along with a survey has been conducted among the students, staff and parents of the students. It was found that the de-motivation from self-finance stream and the longer endurance needed for science education are the major factor for the decline in the number of male students in higher education. The mental stress analysis predicts that the over crowdedness of the classroom must be reduced. The remedies are providing stipend while studying and ensuring and providing employment with a reasonable salary at par with their academic excellence. Introduction:

Can a question be a title? A result or finding, may. When the problem, the study, is in the transition state, mathematics, the King of knowledge, predicts it as 'chaotic' and at such state the rate of change or change follows the orders of the past as well as the future simultaneously, which is confusing but important. It is true for this study.

The title makes a feeling that this study is deviating from the general norms of women empowerment and seeking and insisting the male chauvinism, which is already strongly established in the society through muscle power and culture. And the cultural aspect of the male chauvinism is strongly reinforced invariably by all religions. Whereas the hope of women hangs only on education, especially higher, for the education gives boldness and awareness of the laws of the nation, which treats all the citizens at par without any gender bias, at least in law, by providing a hundred percent equality in pay, which is vital for living and for the economical independence and dignity. But in civil society the male and female are discriminated and made female dependent on male invincible for the major life factors such as protection and provision. Till now the achievement of equality is a question mark.

Even politics is no different, for that too is dominated by the muscle power. By intuition, for many, the title is ambiguity or misleading and raises a question in their mind whether such a paper or even the thought is good for the association which has the vision and mission of egalitarianism. But an association especially of intellectual workers must allow such a systematic study which emphasise equal opportunity or normal growth. When the system is in an imbalanced growth it should be alarming and keenly observable and analysable. At this juncture this study is important and timely. Further this gives a deep insight into a newly emerged and unexpected problem in the society particularly at the higher education, the enrolment in higher education.

In Indian scenario, the term higher education refers to education after twelve years of schooling. It was observed that from the past decade there is a marked degradation in the men students enrolment in the arts and science colleges, especially it is dramatic in the science stream. In order to study the above mentioned problem a systematic study has been carried out. Method

The study has been conducted at the Department of Chemistry, Pope's College, Sawyerpuram. The data were collected by survey, interview and questionnaire. The students numbers were collected from the department questionnaire...
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