Higher Crime Rates in the Summer

Topics: Crime, Criminology, Anger Pages: 1 (286 words) Published: October 4, 2010
Why are crime rates higher in the summer than during other seasons? In this essay I will explain why Crime rates are higher in the summer than during other seasons. There are a couple reasons for the sudden spike in violence. Some of the main contributing factors are, Teens are out of school, people spend more time outdoors, and heat tends to increase aggression. I will attempt explain how each one contributes to crime hikes During the months of July and august schools are closed and teens have greater opportunity for criminal activity. With so much free time on their hands kids need something to keep themselves occupied so a small percentage choose to engage in criminal activity. Since people spend more time outdoors the teens have more opportunity to take advantage of unsecure homes and break-ins become much easier. Another addition to this combination is heat increasing aggression during the span of summer. According to the study “Heat and Science” ” Exposure to hot temperatures increase heart rate, endorsement of aggressive attitudes and beliefs, and feelings of hostility”. I agree with this statement because simply put, it makes sense that you’re more irritable with the high temperatures of the summer and are more likely to be a little less rational. In summary crime rates will always be higher in the summer then other months because schools are in summer break for July and august. There are study’s proving a hike in aggressive behavior with increased heat. With these two contributing factors and the fact that become more relax and less cautious by proving more opportunities for the juvenile criminals, it’s easy to see why crime rates are higher during summer months.
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