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One of the most precious moments in a parent’s life is the birth of their child. From the moment the child is born, ensuring that they have what they need to be successful in life is a key consideration for the parents. Educating a child is one of the biggest financial investments that a parent can make in a child. Most parents start a college fund as soon as they are born. A bachelors degree graduate earns around $40.478 per year as opposed to just $22, 895 for a high school graduate according to U.S. census bureau. But a child born in 1990’s have greater challenges since tuition has risen around 340% from this date. Many students unable to afford college are forced to take high interest loans for colleges leaving them financially stressed for a good portion of their working lives. Under the leadership of President Reagan, college lobbyists favored fee increases to budget cuts, during the recession. But after the recession, the fees that were deemed being temporary became permanent. College tuition has since escalated year after year. This increase in fees was considered an ideological principle. President Reagan symbolizes ethical belief since all Americans looked up to the president to make valuable education related decisions. The new generation is the back bone of our society. Many students are struggling for financial assistance by either working two dead end part-time jobs to ease up their college tuition. (Trombley, 2003) The fact is that the tuition will continue rising but the wages and financial aid have not risen as the cost of tuition.
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