High-Tech Prisons: Latest Technologies Drive Cost Savings and Staff Efficiencies

Topics: Prison, Corrections, Penology Pages: 4 (1607 words) Published: December 15, 2011
High-Tech Prisons: Latest Technologies Drive Cost Savings and Staff Efficiencies

Technology is an amazing thing, as time goes on everything will soon get easier with automation and technological advances. Prisons and Jails especially are very secure and need very large amounts of attendance. A Prison management team has a lot to deal with on a regular basis due to cell checks, looking over the wardens, following to make sure inmates have a safe stay and are doing what they should be done as well as many other things. Over the years this has always been something is changing and will continue to change due to the numerous technological advances with electronics. Starting with the first Generation Jails where inmates were kept in a linear design with almost no view of other inmates until the mid-1970’s when the designs changed to podular making things easier on guards. This new design made it easier to watch inmates in cells as well as day rooms and keep the inmate to staff ratio well proportioned. This was the start of being able to watch most of the inmates from one central location.

Following a series of changing came the second generation jails, using the podular design and vast technological advances mad officers with no direct contact with inmates but rather watch electronically from a remote location. This was a very large steeping stone but did not work out due to the low amount of communication as well as interaction with the inmates. To improve this they then started the third generation jail facilities. This is used a lot of places today and is very efficient because it still uses all of the technology and indirect supervision from the control room, they now have correction officers on the floor and day rooms and in jail giving direct supervision to the inmates. The main thing this article talks about that I will be discussing today is how technology betters a jail from the prison management side of things and I completely agree....
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