High School vs College: Comparing Study Routines

Pages: 1 (442 words) Published: October 21, 2008
Schooling is a very important aspect in our lives and one must go through many steps to higher education; the most important steps in society today, are high school and college. Although high school and college aim for the same goal, which is acquiring an education and graduating, the demands, expectations, and social atmosphere extremely contrast. There are many demands placed upon high school students. For example, high school students are obligated, or rather forced by law to attend school until the age of eighteen and they are required to do and turn in their homework. Even if you fail a class, students are required to take that class over until they pass; students have no choice, they must do the work or go to summer school. They are required to be a full time student, which means they have to take the necessary classes each semester, which usually consists of six to eight classes. The school year is 36 weeks long; some classes extend over both semesters and others don’t. You seldom need to read anything more than once, and sometimes listening in class is enough. Your teachers check your completed homework and give you the grade they think you deserve. Teachers provide you with information you missed when you were absent or not in class. Some teachers allow you to makeup a test if you are absent. Good homework grades may raise your overall grade when test grades are low. There are few demands in college. The number one demand in college is that a student must pay their tuition on time. College students possess the right to decide if they want to show up for class or not. They can fail a class and not make it up and they do not have to turn in their homework if they do not feel like it. There is no law stating that a college student must attend class, be a full time student, turn in homework and pass each class. To a college student, the demand of attaining a higher education or graduating is completely up to you. The academic year is divided into two...
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