High School vs College

Topics: Cognition, Question, Decision making Pages: 2 (628 words) Published: October 30, 2012
Ali Vansi

Ask Yourself

As I move my body to the loud crazy dance music, I feel a light tap on my shoulder. A beautiful girl about twenty one years old whispers into my ear, “Want a drink?” I look at her with a blank stare as she offers me an alcoholic beverage. Emotions are running through my head like a roller coaster. I think to myself, “she is so cute, and does she know I am only eighteen years old?” “I am so flattered that she would ask me out of all the guys in the crowd.” “Did she mistake me for another friend?” “What if someone I know saw me engage in underage drinking?” “What would they think?” “What would they think about the way my parents brought me up?” I had only one answer to all these questions, “Ask yourself.” My cheeks turned a bright red color and I turned to her and stuttered out, “No thanks.” she simply said, “Suit yourself you are missing out.” I ignored it and walked away.

I continued to dance and thought about why “Ask yourself” was my only answer to the questions that spun around my head. I then recalled the first time I heard “Ask yourself.” When I heard Dr. Asha Virani, my tenth grade teacher, at the Religious Education Center (REC) talk about the decision making process to us, I was intrigued. At the REC I learned about various topics which revolved around the faith and religion, but are around topics of decision making skills. She presented to us the following to help us make better decisions in life, “Ask yourself…if it is right for me? Right for family?” I wanted to see what piece of history she was trying to teach us discretely by introducing the concept of “Ask yourself.” I came to realize at the end of the weekly class, that there was no hidden message behind the concept. I remember thinking to myself, “Wow, what a genius.” Dr. Virani’s charismatic personalic, enabled her to relate to teens and convey important and meaningful messages to teens. Dr. Virani came up with “Ask yourself” after she had gone through a...
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