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High School Life

By DelllaCloniaLi Apr 20, 2013 573 Words
High school life
Student life is always regarded as the best part of one’s whole life, not only because of the solid knowledge foundation laid during that period, but also due to the actual experience of the entire transition from naivety to maturity, particularly mental. High school life, a significant turning point throughout one’s student life, especially demonstrates this change. Usually, a person’s high school life is made up of three phases, which are the innocent phase, the rebellious phase and the mature phase.

The innocent phase is both the first and unavoidable one during high school life. After students finish all their courses in junior school, they keep marching into high school with no adjustment, but only with the purpose of continuous study. In this situation, they evidently will not be prepared and still apply their previous study model in high schools, which absolutely will be a bad beginning in such stressful high school life. Besides, being the bottom of a ladder may also lead to fresh students’ shyness and less initiative. As usual, the seniors may have more experience and more opportunities to perform, such as holding a ceremony, giving a speech and organizing outside activities. However, the juniors who come in the first year may just watch on the side, or even worse, have no chance to applaud at all.

The rebellious phase is the second one, which is also the toughest stage in high school life. Students involved in this phase shoulder increasing homework load and tend to be angry. They may have difficulty in study and find themselves hard to keep up with the others in the class, which will directly cause frustration. Then come lower confidence and less motivation. In this circumstance, students with strong mind or comforting parents and teachers may survive this rough phase. Opposite, students who don’t treat these problems seriously will release their emotions in a wrong way, like unsuitable behavior. Therefore, the rebellious phase is a challenge for every high school student.

The mature phase is the last and the most fruitful stage in one’s high school life, or even in one’s whole life. Once students survive the rebellious phase, they will achieve a much brighter view of life. They will know what their future is supposed to be and what they need to strive for. They will also find their parent’s lasting supporting and become grateful for their parents’ selfless pay. In addition, during this mature phase, students will as well be more sensitive to their juniors. They will quite understand the juniors’ confusion and then be very willing to extend a big hand to them, like sharing more opportunities with the juniors. Hence, in this phase, what students achieve is not only the clearance of their own goals, but also the understanding of care about people surrounding them.

By way of conclusion, high school life is a mixture of effort, thinking and moving on. The three phases, namely tender phase, rebellious phase and mature phase, are all unavoidable and require highly strong mind. This is why such life can be a point where students completely rebuild themselves and move onto a higher level they have never reached before. Nonetheless, even if students cannot conquer some problems in these phrases, such as communicating skills, leadership ability and impulse controlling, chances still wait for these students in the college. Thus, never giving up and ever pursuing are the keys to success.

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