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High School Life

By Donatello1994 Oct 13, 2012 317 Words
High school life
High school life is the best memory for almost all the students, which can be kept all the time during the rest life. Students’ emotions must be complex when they recall memories of high school life---the memories contained so many different things, which could let people think about the memories for countless times without any boring feelings. The best friends that students can get along with for the whole life usually were not found at college, instead, is high school. High school moment is the best chance to make friends for students, especially truly friends, which can talk with anything without any doubt. When getting along with truly friends, students leave other things alone, and care noting about taboo, everything come into a straight way. Use the words “heart to heart” to describe the relationship between truly friends never go too far. Generally speaking, high school life is when students fall in love for the first time. Love is always a attractive thing among human. Love makes people feeling energetic, intelligently, even invincible. When students fall in love, everything costs nothing but love, students are willing to do anything for the one they love. And most amazing is the first time to hand in hand, to hug, to kiss……Love is beautiful ,fascinating, and also harmful. As the same, most students lost their first lover during high school life as well. It’s really hurt. Losing lover is one of the reasons why students need truly friends, when split up with a girl or a boy, students need to talk out, truly friends will share the pain, help the upset one go through the hard time. In a word, high school life is the best memory for almost all the students, like a rainbow, beautifully staying there, which students can just to see the amazing scenery, but never have a way to touch.

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