High School Graduation

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Kuan Lee
Jennifer Borgerding Kulwicki
ENGL 1010
4 August 2011
High School Graduation
If life is full of journeys, high school is one of the journeys that experienced and completed by all of us. High school life is a memorable time for most people, for me as well. Different from America’s education system, Malaysia is more similar to British’s educational system as Malaysia was colonized by the United Kingdom during late 20th century. Malaysia has primary school for which student study from six until twelve years old while secondary school is for thirteen until eighteen years old. As we do not have four seasons, our school starts from January and ends at November. My high school, Pay Fong High School, is one of the secondary school that consists of three years junior classes and three years senior classes. High school graduation was one of the important days in my life. My high school graduation was on October 17, 2008. There was a graduation ceremony held in the morning and a graduation party held that night. After the six years of high school, the graduation ceremony and party can be seen as a celebration of accomplishments of students for their study and the start of new journey. The previous night of the graduation, I was so excited that I had completed my high school and I was going to have a new life. At the same time, I felt sad that all of us were separated as we would advance our studies at different places. I had decided to take America Degree Transfer Program before the graduation while others had decided to go to different countries such as Australia, United Kingdom, Taiwan, China, and others. Some of us decided to study at local university. We had made several discussions before the graduation. We had a lot of questions such as “Where are you going to study?”, “What major are you going to take?”, and “Are you going to study abroad?” Three years before the graduation, we were struggled to make a decision that to enter a Science class or a Commercial class; Three years later, we were struggled to make a decision that was more complicated. My class teacher, Miss Yew, had helped me a lot to make this decision. She was a kind old lady and she had been teaching for over 30 years in my school. As an English teacher, she did not know Chinese language as she was English educated. However, she learned Chinese while she was teaching so that she could communicate well with us. One day after her class, she asked me to go to her office. “Do you know what your interest, your favorite subject is?” she asked. “I like Mathematics.” I answered.

“Do you have an image of what are you going to study in your university?” she asked me again. “Not really, there are so many majors related to mathematics and I don’t know how to choose. My parents want me to study engineering but I’m not interested in that.” I told her the situation I faced. “Why don’t you make a list and compare those majors that you are interested? That will be helpful. Study what you are interested, but not what you are required. If you think that you are doing well in Mathematics, just go for it.” She said.

This was the first time we discussed about the advanced of my study. Also, what she said really encouraged me and I decided to study Actuarial Science but not Engineering that my parents wanted. Sometimes, there will be a person that gives you confidence to make an important decision. Miss Yew was that person.

I woke up earlier in that morning. It was 6 a.m. when I looked at the alarm clock. Graduation ceremony would start at 9 a.m. and we should reach the hall at 7:30 a.m. to have a final rehearsal. After I took a shower and took my breakfast, I asked my mother to drive me to school earlier. I did not forget to bring the dress and accessories that I would wear in the party. As my friend Khai Ling’s house was near to school, I would go her house to prepare for the party after graduation ceremony. When I reached my classroom, almost half of my...
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