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Topics: High school, Columbus, Ohio, Sophomore Pages: 2 (891 words) Published: June 1, 2009
Brenda Carlson
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My life in High School

I spent the first two year of high school at Westland High in Columbus Ohio. Those years were somewhat average and most of the time I felt board, even though I was on the track team. One of the more unusual things that occurred was that a classmate, who I had talked with many times and who sat by me in a few classes murdered his parents! I spent the rest if high school at Grove City High School, after moving there in my junior year. My senior year was a little less exciting (which I didn’t mind). The co-op program that I was involved with allowed me to work outside of my high school for credit. During my freshman year I was approached by a track coach. His name was Mr. Lamb. I couldn’t help but remember his name by the way a lamb sounded. Mr. Lamb had noticed while I was running for exercise that I took long strides and moved pretty fast, so he asked me if I would like to join the track team. I had never been involved in sports or asked to join a team in my life, so I jumped at the opportunity. One thing my coach liked about me was that I didn’t require a lot of practice running. I could, as the Nike commercial says, “Just do it” and I did. I won numerous first place awards place and was even interviewed by the local newspaper for having the most wins with the least amount of running time. During my sophomore year things certainly got a lot more exciting. A classmate that I had contact with and had sat next to me in class also lived a block away from my house decided to sneak up behind his mother and shoot her in the back of the head while she stood in the kitchen. Then he dragged his mother’s body to the garage and hid to wait for his dad to come home and then he put a bullet right through his father’s eye! I remember watching TV after school when the program was interrupted by a news bulletin. The newscaster had said a 17 year old student from Columbus, Ohio had murdered his parents. I was...
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